How I Built a12,074$ Passive Monthly Income Business With6 Steps..

Nowadays.. a lot of people are talking about making money online

but, the ugly truth, most of them are fake gurus, trying to make you believe that making money with a push of button is easy and possible, showing you a long presentation video, to ask you in the end to buy his rich quick magic formula.

This kind of offers has played the biggest part for destroying the reputation of online marketing over the years, until people are no longer believe that this is actually possible.

There's nothing called making money online just like that.. you have to provide something valuable to your customers in exchange of money, this is the key for success.

How This System Works ?

Monsters of online earnings are making thousands of dollars everyday, by selling products or providing paid services whether it's their own product or through affiliate programs.

You are probably wondering when you see an ad on YouTube, or in any website, and asked: why these advertisers are paying 1$ to 5$ and sometimes even 10$ per visitor? it's so expensive right?

Well, let me ask you a question, would you like to pay 50$ advertising to get 1 customer that he will pay you in return 100$ every month ? this is 50$ return on investment, and 100$ monthly income for just 1 customer, at the same time, your customer is satisfied because he's paying for something he likes and you are making a profit..

Do you see the power of this ? imagine if you just get 100 customers, how much money then you will make ? and there's no limit, your profit grows every time you get a new customer.

Why the most of marketers fail if this seems too easy?

Because either they don't know this stuff, or they are doing it the wrong way, some marketers are linking the sale offer directly after an ad, which is not a big deal, visitors here don't trust you enough to buy from you, also they don't know yet if you really can help them for what they are looking for, and even if this works, it will drive some sales here and there randomly, but this is not a good strategy to depend on.

What should we do?

We have to do 3 things before asking for a sale

Lead Magnet

Provide something valuable for free to your visitors.

Email Capture

Capt their email addresses so you can contact them later.


Build trust by providing free values through newsletter messages.

Then, you can start promoting gently, and they will buy on demand...

  • 1
    Targeted visitors come to your landing page and subscribe to get the lead magnet for free (could be an ebook, video, free course, free software trial ...)
  • 2
    These subscribers will go through a strategic marketing plan, offering to them paid products and services similar to the lead magnet. 
  • 3
    You will make a commission any time someone buys from your links.

This is how the system of most successful entrepreneurs and biggest companies in the world is working.

How to Create This 12,074$ System
(with 6 simple steps)

if you don't know how to start building this system, don't worry, I made all this in step by step guide below (with videos) and I tried to make it as simple as possible to help you get started, you will find all what you need in this guide to build your own system from scratch.

  • The process below is too long, you shouldn't try to do everything at once, you can take it one step at a time.
  • I have added a text-to-speech commentary (Male Voice) to the videos below, just to make English accent clear and understandable for everyone.

Without further ado, let's start building our money making machine..


The first step is so simple, all what you have to do here is to choose a niche, you can start with anything you want, it doesn't matter, there are hundreds of niches you can start with, like: "Diet, Weight Loss, Internet Marketing, Muscle Building, Cooking, dog training, traveling.." and the list is so long..

  • In this guide, we'll work on diet niche as an example.

You have to find products to sell for the niche you choose, try to find things that people of your niche need so to make sure they will pay for it, you can start by looking for digital products or paid services at Clickbank, Jvzoo, Commission Junction, or Shareasale..

And you will get a commission as an affiliate every time a sale made from your links, you can also sell physical products on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress, but that's depending on the niche you choose.. you can even create and sell your own product.


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